big ideas

How will we live in 100 years time?

What if we could look into the future? What would the landscape of living and dwelling look like? This question inspires us to think beyond the norm, to deliberate and expand our vision. Though this we gain new insights into new dwelling and building forms. It stimulates us to develop appropriate and proactive responses to current and future residential assignments. In our LAB we want to deepen this innovative exploration, together with our partners.

Subterranean living?

We stretch our imagination in considering the idea of ‘invisible’ dwelling with the maximum respect for nature and landscape. Not with the intention of going through life as invisible individuals, but to find a balance between possessing nature and the environment with the full respect of both. What landscape concepts will take shape in this balance? And… should we regard this as a future issue, as a topical idea or as something we should start on straight away?

Tiny apartments

The current migration to the city puts pressure on housing stock. Alongside the search for new residential locations we consider actual housing desires. In this case not as large as possible, but as small possible, and… with all the comforts. What can we live without and what is really necessary? Throw out all conventions and think afresh about dwelling. Are there concepts to be developed that can be simply applied to existing buildings? We are searching for integration and design at the size of a postage stamp.


Cycle through the city and you discover them quickly, the crumb locations or the ‘leftovers’ where opportunities lie to strengthen the spatial and social infrastructure. We bring together parties that share the same mission and together develop beautiful and functional interventions for these voids in the city. There are plenty of challenges when you operate from the city centre.

Working in a office space?

At what point do we no longer have to physically come together to work? And then what purpose do all the empty office buildings serve? We strive to limit our need for accommodation and at the same time to increase our flexibility. What is still fixed and what can be flexible? The changes that we now see are still only the beginning. We like to imagine what the consequences of these changes could be.