lean & bim

In the LAB we are not only busy with exchanging exciting ideas and thoughts, but also with technological and process-orientated innovation.

The lean methodology is at the core of everything that happens at Groosman; ‘do more with less’. We continually evaluate and improve our processes by persistently determining whether a step in the process adds value, and if so, what. Everyone within the firm has a share in this by identifying and implementing improvements. We involve our clients in this too, so that it adds value for everyone; the key to the successful, integrated collaboration that Groosman stands for.

Our partners appreciate the diligence and professionalism with which we apply Building Information Modelling (BIM). From our principle of open BIM we involve our partners in an integrated collaboration. For us it goes without saying that we will work with BIM, we would not want it any other way! We can, and want to, learn from every project; as such we are open and transparent in the sharing of BIM products and experience.

Through the exchange of experience in interactive BIM sessions, knowledge is kept up-to-date and the level of expertise is increased. Alongside this we employ a full time researcher who is dedicated to the fulfilment of our BIM ambitions. We apply BIM design and BIM engineering to the maximum. We work in accordance with the RVD (previously RGD) BIM standards.