‘made to meet’ encapsulates our integrated way of thinking and working together. We are open to our environment, our clients and partners so that we continue to learn and remain conscientious of our legacy.

Our architects and engineers work closely together towards the unambiguous goal of people, environment, functionality and aesthetics strengthening each other to create sustainable and pleasant habitable environments, which enrich both people and the environment.

We deliberately opt for this integral approach. Every day we experience how design and engineering reinforce each other, even when employed individually. We actively seek intensification, interaction, collaboration and innovation. We prize transparency and are open in our communication with our surroundings and with each other. No loose ends, say what you do and do what you say.

We never stop dreaming; we dream for ourselves and for our environment. With creative and (new) technological applications we develop unique solutions for every assignment (please also view our LAB). We are critical of ourselves and motivate our partners to ensure that we continue to learn. This is how we strengthen each other!


The world and our perceptions of it are in constant motion; society is changing with them. This interests, stimulates and motivates us to continue learning and developing. This motivation is rooted in our LAB where we research technological and social developments and transform these into innovations, new ideas and practises. We like to share this knowledge and wonderment. You too? Welcome!