design & engineering

Integrated thinking and working sits within our DNA, therefore we cover a full range of disciplines and we are leaders in the use of BIM. We work on combined projects as well as projects where design and engineering are employed independently. This combined knowledge always adds value to our end products (please also view our LAB). This, combined with our Rotterdam no-nonsense mentality, leads to dynamic and efficient processes. We are proud that this method of working together is widely appreciated.


architecture, landscape, urban design and interiors

Our designs originate from integrated thinking and working. Landscape and urban design form the context, architecture and interiors the filling. We disentangle assignments to merge the design, the needs of the users, the context  and form a unique design. The design reinforces and enriches the function and the experience of the users, but above all respects them. Through the fusion of design with BIM and technological knowledge, a creative process is born that structurally strengthens the end result.



project management, engineering and construction

Where design and technology merge, engineering comes to life. Even before the first pile is driven we have, together with our partners, already built the project in BIM. Engineering plays an ongoing and central role, ensuring the process runs efficiently and swiftly. In our thoughts and actions we are always looking to increase (client) value and to improve as a team and as individuals. We feel challenged by every design, be it from ourselves or from fellow architects, to think through from the design vision to achieving the optimum result. Engineering is not only about the application of building technology but always originates from the architectural concept.

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